Dear Burnt Out Mom, You’re not Alone!

Being a Parent is already tiring and time consuming and whether it be that you’re a new mom or a  seasoned mom, I can attest to the fact that the pandemic put some additional strain that we did not even know we could handle on us. As a mom of two, I can tell you that dropping off my kids at school daily and associating that school building as a place to educate my kids has changed. I salute the teachers and everyone who accepts my two kids for all those hours. I salute them because they don’t just take my kids, they take hundreds of kids daily and still go home and run households and raise their own kids.

The Stress is Real!

The pandemic pushed a lot of us to the brink of exhaustion, all parents whether it be mom or dad all got a new set of responsibilities. We became full time teachers, Information Technology Specialists, full time Chefs and 24 hour entertainment, with no breaks in between. This pandemic raised the bars for all parents. It forced us to not mingle, not congregate, to stay inside and protect the lives of our families.

Raising kids takes physical and emotional power. It calls for one to be existing and engaged. And, while it will be great that all our kids were well behaved angels, reality is, they are not and if they weren’t getting into mischief due to restlessness, lack of socializing at school, restlessness, and plain boredom, that will just be flat out odd.

In case you’re feeling burnout, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, taking a rest from parenting nowadays is a distant wish with no real date carded.  I know some parents may have a large family unit living in the same household but there are a lot of us doing it daily on our own.

I honestly feel that burnout is inevitable at this point. As parents we need, to set rules for bedtime and get that sleep in because the exhaustion is lurking around every corner. It may be hard to wrestle our restless, full of energy kids to bed but I feel as if now may be the time to make bedtime a solid thing.

I know at this time, it may feel like its all about the kids, once the kids are happy, we’ll be fine but you truly do matter and you’re important as well. You’re the captain of the ship in these covid times, and a  ship with a burnt out captain doesn’t lead to anywhere fun or safe.

Feeling burnt out is an indication that something has to change. One thing in your life has to be resolved. It does not imply you’re a failure or perhaps that there’s a problem with you.

The thing is, most of the time, you do your daily tasks and routines well. You are in a position to withstand sensory feedback, stay in addition to the workload of yours, and reply to your kids’ persistent needs for much more screen time.

But pay attention to the signs, lately you may feel tense and overwhelmed, but with a number of deep breaths, you arrive back again to your relaxed baseline.

When we are feeling burnout, the area between calm as well as worry feels nonexistent. Little things irritate you far more often than they should, routine tasks feel tiring, monotonous, and yelling turns into your go to response for everything. My neighbors probably think the kids are trapped with a crazy mom or my kids are so bad behaved that they’ve sent me crazy, and I know longer know what hush tones are.

Instead of experiencing periods of relaxation and calm, your mind is caught in a continuous state of freeze, flight, or fight.

For parents encountering burnout, this’s the everyday existence of ours now.

Regrettably, your body isn’t created to handle serious pressure for extended periods of time. Without going back to a calm baseline, your entire body will respond in the most out of character ways.

Coping with burnout might feel too much to handle in light of everything that is happening globally although it may feel like it’s your home alone sometimes. It is OK in case you do not have an incredible solution just yet. But it’s important to recognize when you need a time out, when you need some much deserving sleep

Make sure and take it slow and at your pace.

Just Breathe. We aren’t perfect and this new normal is not normal!

Its always important to tell yourself that your physical and mental health at its optimum is the best for you and your kids and extension your entire family.

Always remember that you’re not alone in this world!

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