Facial Tips for the Busy Woman

Most women of today, are bombarded by all life’s responsibilities and commitments. Its almost as if we barely have time to have a moment just to gather our thoughts sometimes. I used to look around at women who looked their best and then look at myself and wonder “How are they making the time?”

The old saying goes “You make time for what’s important”. So, if we had to measure ourselves by that one saying, is it that we don’t find ourselves important? I disagree! As women, we know we matter, but we are almost hardwired to be caregivers and we take care of everyone and everything first and then ourselves. I’m not saying drop everything and focus on ourselves, I’m saying when we look good, we feel good, it boosts our confidence and our mood. Not taking care of your skin especially your face increases anti-aging and who wants to age and an accelerated speed when we can just implement some simple hacks to be on the go and still glow!

First things first

  • Let your water bottle be your best friend!

We’ve heard it repeatedly and I’m going to repeat it. Water is Life! Drink it! The benefits of water and staying hydrated has way too many benefits to your overall body health to list them all on this one article but when referencing your skin, a lack of water damages your skin cells and give you that dreaded dull look. An average adult needs at least 8 glasses of water daily. Adequate Water Intake balances the oil and water on your face which prevents excess oil which results in fewer clogged pores aka adult acne. The main reason why adult acne is on the rise is because of busy lifestyle and lack of hydration.

  • A nutritious diet is the best way to fuel your body

A nutritious daily diet goes hand in hand with your water intake. Maintain a healthy diet. Don’t gauge on junk food because its easy. As women we are getting older and as scary as its sounds, we must not neglect that fact. We must use this fact to our benefit and be mindful. Balance healthy diets means good internal health. Have yourself some fruits, green veggies. Dermatologists has advised that simple addition of glutathione, sodium hyaluronate, and Vitamin C to your diet goes along way. Additionally, zinc, this nutrient promotes and enhances the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid reserves, collagen, and its radiance.

  • Routine

I call it the Five Step Face Routine. Now please bear in mind, I am not a dermatologist or a skin care specialist to recommend any specific products, but these 5 routines are very important for a healthy facial glow.

Step 1: Cleanser

No matter your skin type, washing your face every day at least once is beneficial. Facial cleansers remove all the impurities, makeup, germs, oil, and dirt on your face so that it stays fresh.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Make this a part of your early morning routine or your right before bed routine. Dermatologists suggest you can exfoliate your face 2 – 3 times a week. It gets rid of dead skin and the barriers that clogs your skin and the fresh new radiant skin gives you that nice glow.

Step 3: Toning

Face toners can be used once or twice daily after cleansing depending on how strong of a toner you get. Observe to see if it dries out your face and if it does, use it once a day. It balances your skin Ph level and gives you a more vibrant and smoother facial appearance, it calms and balances the skin for the next step.

Step 4: Moisturize

Most skincare professionals recommend using a moisturizer twice a day to maintain the moisture throughout the day and while you are asleep. Using the right moisturizer suited for your skin needs, the moisturizer penetrates deeper into your skin and reduces the extreme dryness or oil build up.

Step 5: Sunscreen

This protects the face from sun damage and those dreaded burnt skin pigmentations. So, for all the ladies that are outside regardless of skin tone don’t forget your sunscreen.

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