The Larger Bust Dilemma

Women with larger busts have the hardest time finding a bra with good support. We see celebrities with large busts wearing almost anything. You see them in the low cut, deep V dresses and strapless outfits and we think about the cost of the bras they are wearing to get that much support in so little covering. The strapless budget friendly bra for larger bust everyday women are like hidden gems. Some women have had so much bad experiences with poorly constructed strapless bras, that we don’t even consider ever having one and subject ourselves to outfits with sleeves only.

No shade to the smaller bust women but when considering price and style, you ladies get the better end of the stick. The options available to larger busts women have been so limited and basic or too expensive. Most often than not our bra of choice comes in either Black, White, Tan or Cream.

Ladies who have larger busts cannot even think of stepping a foot into a Victoria Secret outlet and asking for anything larger than a DD bra.

So what do Larger Busts women want in a Bra?

We would like it to:

1.Not be basic and straight out ugly

  1. Stocked in various patterns, colours and cuts

3.Of good quality that it provides enough support

  1. Budget friendly and not break the bank in price

Now is that too much to ask?

I did some research to find out why exactly we are facing such issues after what seems like a lifetime and this is what designers are saying.

  • In order to make bras that we speak about and yearn for, designers need to have years and years of skill in order to put out a good supportive bra that isn’t clumsy and ill fitting. Most designers find it less time consuming to just create for smaller busts sizes.
  • Larger Bras obviously requires more fabric per bra, most designers and stores work on profitability and lets just say one 40K bra equals 2-3 32A bras whereas more profit can be made from creating smaller bras, hence the reason why the price of larger bra sizes are more expensive.

The great news is women all over the globe are facing these issues and now more than ever there is the great “demand”. However, the cost of these bras that we want for larger busts. Those lacier, perhaps sexier colorful varieties are still a bit on the pricier side.

There are designers out there creating larger size bras and there are stores stocking them. Customers are the revolution and as long as we continue to voice our opinions on this matter and speak with our buying power. Change will sure come!

A very hopeful sign is that of the “Drop the Plus” campaign that is picking up momentum and garnering support globally. This campaign is all about evolution with regards to equality in treatment for all body sizes and shapes.

The truth is, yes, we undeniably fit into a segmented size category but that doesn’t mean we should be relegated to that of basic for so long. Larger busts women are complex and oh so multifaceted as any other women of a different size and we all deserve to feel that luxury and decadence of a nice looking, cost effective, supportive bra.

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