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Utility tokens – are they good investments?

Difficult elements of crypto

Definition of utility token


A digital token of cryptocurrency that’s issued to fund the development of the cryptocurrency which are often later want to buy an honest or service offered by the institution of the cryptocurrency


 Difficult elements of crypto

One of the difficult elements of crypto investment involves light-weight with sure sorts of utility tokens. Utility tokens are tokens that have the only real purpose of being employed inside a closed (payment) system. As expressed within the earlier article regarding Ethereum, utility tokens are at their core, not an honest investment.

 A common misunderstanding

A common misunderstanding is that once a lot of folks are employing a utility token, the token worth can rise. while if truth be told this is often not the case. the worth of a utility token goes up once the relative demand rises compared to the provision.


This has nothing to try and do with the usage of the token.


There are many crypto exchanges like Finance, Next, and Blackport that use a utility token as an indoor payment system. These tokens are distributed throughout AN ICO to gather funds to make the exchange, And the latter is an expectation that token holders can use those tokens to get the exchange fee of that specific exchange. So, are all utility tokens a foul investment?

 Redistributing the profit towards stakeholders is by ‘burning’ tokens

The simple answer isn’t any. a comparatively honest method of redistributing the profit towards stakeholders is by ‘burning’ tokens. this is often a method during which the corporate buys tokens back through exchanges. From there, the tokens are transferred to a pocketbook that doesn’t have a personal code to access it. the thought is that nobody will access the pocketbook and therefore the token supplies decrease. once the provision decreases however the demand is stable, the worth per token will increase. The exchange can be got to regulate their fees to the present worth of the token to stop a distinction in evaluation with different exchanges.

At the time of writing, solely Finance has proclaimed that they’re going to begin burning tokens to spread profit to token holders. different exchanges haven’t shown any proof of moving towards a token burning initiative.

The 3 queries investors ought to raise themselves before investing in a very utility token are:

  1. however, can this token create Pine Tree State money?
  2. what’s the possibility of it doing so?
  3. is that the quantity of potential profit worth the risk?

Taking the case of cryptocurrency exchanges, investors can create cash because of the exchange can burn tokens. This decreases the provision and therefore will increase the worth of the token. the possibility of doing therefore is tied to the profit that the exchange makes then the number of users of the exchange. the quantity of potential profit is additionally tied to those metrics and gets divided by the quantity of distributed tokens.


Token categories Explained: Coin vs. Utility Token vs. Security Token


  1. Blockchain terminology is often confusing. however, it’s truly quite simple: Coins are a currency, utility tokens supply a right to use a product or service, and security tokens are an investment product.
  2. In the starting there was darkness, then came light-weight. Then came paper currency, then digital currencies, then utility tokens then security tokens.
  3. Ok, there have been several a lot of things in between darkness and security tokens.
  4. It looks Tho’, that once it involves coins and tokens, many of us are still within the dark. So, let’s shed some lightweight and make a case for the variations.

Coins are cash


We principally use paper money, metal coins, or electronic cash to conduct industrial transactions. this sort of cash is termed decree currency. Any government-issued currency is decree currency. which means the cash supply and worth is controlled by a financial institution.

On the thirty-first October 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, the first-ever digital currency.

A digital coin

The practicality of a digital coin is simply that: a method of payment. it’s identical options as money; it’s a unit of account, store important and medium of transfer.

Utility tokens

Utility tokens supply the correct to a service or product

A utility token encompasses wider practicality than a coin. Utility tokens do have worth; however, they can’t be thought-about cash as easy as a coin. Utility tokens will give worth to investors in several ways that. they supply users access to a future product or service.

Typically, a school startup develops a digital product or service and starts an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). throughout the ICO, the corporate sells utility tokens. Investors can buy these tokens and use them as a method of payment on the platform developed by the supplying company.


Security tokens are AN investment

The new star in crypto-town is that the security token.

Security tokens derive their worth from AN external, tradable plus. as an example, stocks or assets.

 A tokenized version of stock,

If you get a tokenized version of stock, you may buy identical rights that you simply would get after you obtain a stock via conventional and balloting rights. the sole distinction is that a token comes in a digital kind.

 Problems with a security token,

If the corporation has problems with a security token, the method isn’t referred to as ICO however STO (Security Token Offering). STOs got to be registered with various money market authorities. the extra restrictive oversight ought to add considerably to the security of STOs and create them a lot less prone to fraud and misuse.

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