1. Legal notice and its acceptability

1.1. This legal notice (hereinafter, the “legal notice”) controls all portals, websites, wap, wikis, blogs, chat rooms, comment forums, apps, and other similar (collectively “portals”), as well as all content and services included. It is owned, operated, and/or operated by www.womancreek.com.

1.2 The use of the Portal’s User Terms of the User (hereinafter referred to as “User”) and at the same time the version published by www.womancreek.com implies full and unreserved recognition of each of the provisions contained in this Legal Notice. Accesses content or services. Legal notice or any of its provisions or sections may be amended, as a result of which the user must read this legal notice carefully from time to time at every event for the purpose of using each portal or accessing any of the service content contained therein.

1.3. Once this Legal Notice or any of its provisions or sections have been changed, the User continues to access the Portal, or access the Information and/or the Services included in it, such fact shall be deemed as their confirmation of acceptance of the changes accepted.

1.4. The use of certain content and/or services provided to users through the portals is subject to their own special terms (hereinafter, the “special terms”) which will be communicated to the user in a timely manner and, depending on the case, they may replace, supplement and/or amend the terms of this legal notice. . Therefore, the user must read the relevant special terms carefully before using such content and/or services.

1.5 Definition. For the purposes of this legal notice, the following terms written in the first letter with the original letter shall have the following meanings:

“Application” means all software developed for a specific application or function, which can be installed and used on computers such as desktops or laptops, as well as on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.
“Blog” means a website that is regularly updated, compiling texts or articles by one or more authors chronologically.
“Chat or chat room” means a system that allows written and/or verbal communication to be conducted instantly between two or more people.
“Content” means all kinds of literary works; Musical instruments with or without lyrics; Audiovisual work; Photographs, designs, drawings, and vignettes of any kind; Journalism notes of any type or subject; Scientific, technical, artistic work, psychology, and/or collection; And, in general, any text, images, videos, words and/or databases that are available or accessible from any or all of the portals.
“Mobile device” means any electronic device that can be used without a direct connection to the electronic network and allows the user to physically or wirelessly connect to the Internet or any other computer network.
“Registration Form” means the form provided on portals, services, and/or applications so that users can register and access and/or use them.
“Forum or Comment Forum” means a web application that allows different users to leave comments, opinions, opinions, or discussions on a specific topic online.
“Wiki” means a website whose web pages can be edited (i.e. created, modified, or deleted) by multiple users through a web browser.

2. Purpose

2.1. Through the portals, www.womancreek.com provides users: a. Access to various content, personal or third party, including the possibility to temporarily reproduce them in the RAM memory of the computer or mobile device used by the user. B. Access to a variety of content from own or third parties, including the possibility to download and permanently reproduce them on a computer or mobile device used by the user.

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